Kolektiva Logo


Kolektiva is an effort to develop digital communication infrastructure for anarchist and anti-colonial movements.

We are driven by the tactical and strategic need for alternatives to the ubiquitous mass surveillance and social conditioning platforms masquerading as “social media”. We are also motivated by the principle of internationalism, and a desire to actively increase communication and collaboration across state-imposed borders and linguistic divides. 

In the coming years, we hope to scale up the project in a number of ways, by:

  • Encouraging the continued jailbreaking of comrades from surveillance capitalist platforms towards decentralized, open-source alternatives
  • Producing instructional videos for new users, and resources for those seeking to set up their own servers
  • Building up our physical server capacity, security and technical resiliency
  • Diversifying our collective and building a thriving multilingual community that provides a space for increased collaboration across borders